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About Our Water Line Repair & Install Services

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Our expert plumbers can quickly repair or install any type a water piping, including CPVC, PEX, PVC, rigid copper, flexible copper, galvanized steel, and cast iron. Below is an overview of the waterline services that we offer.

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Water Plumbing We Service

We offer leak detection services and once located our team can repair, install, and service any type of pipes; including the water piping materials listed below.

Cast Iron

Cast Iron

Cast iron predates galvanized steel and it is still found in many older homes across the country to this today. The biggest drawback of cast iron is that it will eventually rust, causing a leak and, potentially, water damage to your…
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…property. We do not install new cast iron water lines or drainage pipes, but we do offer repair and replacement services if your home was built with them.
Copper (Rigid)

Copper (Rigid)

Copper piping and tubing is one of the most common types of supply plumbing that you will see in modern houses. This is the same material most likely used for your water supply main and it is also commonly used for connecting…
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…various fixtures and appliances around the house that use water (often with flex copper). There are quite a few benefits to using rigid copper pipes, including it being easy to cut and it does not have the same negative health risk potential that PVC and CPVC pipe does in regards to dioxin. Unlike PEX, CPCV, and PVC pipes, copper requires that’s joints are soldered together; making assembly somewhat tricky for a novice to assemble.
Copper Flex

Copper Tubing (Flex)

Flexible copper is often used when connecting a water heater or water supply line to a water purifier, coffee maker, or refrigerator. Being flexible means that you can connect to the main using the space available to you, which…
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…is perfect for those hard-to-reach (aka hard to solder) spots. This type of piping is usually only used for short runs. One of the drawbacks to using flexible copper is that it does not do very well in extremely cold temperatures so outdoor use in colder regions is not recommended.
Galvanized Steel

Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel, which is basically iron pipe that has been coated with a protective layer of zinc, is not common in modern plumbing. One characteristic that galvanized piping has is that it has pipe threads on either end of…
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…each connecting piece, so that each individual pipe is screwed into the other using connecting joints. We do not install galvanized pipes; however, we do off of repairs if you are experiencing any leakage or damage with your existing plumbing.
PEX Pipe


PEX is a modern solution to water supply line piping and it is a flexible, color-coded (red for hot, blue for cold, and white for anything you want) pipe made of plastic that is easy to cut and to make joints with. Advantages to using…
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…PEX include it being resistant to chlorine and scale build-up, it won’t erode or ever develop holes, it’s much faster to install than metal-made or copper pipes, and has fewer connections and fittings making installation a breeze.
PVC Pipes


Polyvinyl chloride pipes, known more commonly as PVC piping, has been one of the most popular pipe material choices for the plumbing industry over the past several decades. This is due to it being lighter, easier to work with, and…
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…less expensive than both traditional galvanized and cast iron pipes. Inside your home, PVC is most commonly used for drainage and waste pipes, not very often as water supply pipes. However, PVC is used quite commonly for outdoor sprinkler and irrigation systems. If you have a hacksaw, miter box, and PVC glue you can install just about anything you would need PVC for.
CPVC Pipes


CPVC piping is PVC’s cousin due to them both being made from the same polyvinyl chloride plastic; however, CPVC has an altercation – a free radical chlorination reaction that is designed to increase the material’s overall…
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…chlorine content. CPVC also has many of the same size thermoplastic moldings that PVC has, making it easy to work with. This form of modern piping can also withstand temperatures of up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, compared to just 140 degrees in standard PVC; meaning it can be sued for hot water supply lines, whereas PVC works for cold water lines only.
Water Line Repair
Water Line Repair

We rely on fresh water for so many things in our lives, many of which we take for granted. Fresh drinking water, bathing, washing clothes and dishes, and even irrigating our grass and plants are just a few of the ways we rely on municipal water. When a water line breaks, we jeopardize the lifestyles that…
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…we’re accustomed to. It’s for this reason, that a fast and permanent repair be conducted as soon as possible.

When it comes to underground water main repairs, there are quite a few things that you want to take into consideration.

The first thing that will need to be done is locating the water supply line. There are many ways that a private supply line can be damaged, including rotting from age, tree roots, and conducting a landscaping project without identifying where the water runs.

If there is a blockage or obstruction preventing water from reaching your home, this can become quite challenging. With tree roots and stumps we may have to conduct additional work to remove them or reroute the water around any obstructions.

If you find that there are minerals, such as reddish brown stains in your drinking water, this can be a warning sign that you have an issue with your water supply pipe. This can be a warning sign that there are deterioration remnants or possibly dirt making its way into your family’s water.

One of the most common indicators of a supply line issue is a loss of water pressure. If you are experiencing a low flow rate, this could be due to the city water service having a leak or damage to your private water supply line that comes in from the city.

If you find that your water bill is increasingly more expensive, this too can be a red flag that you have a leak or that there is leakage somewhere along the city’s water supply system.

Water Line Installation
Water Line Installation

Water main leaks can be quite problematic and somewhat expensive to repair. If a water line is leaking underground a variety of problems can result, including sinkholes and property damage. There are some fairly common problems that will arise with water mains in older homes. These can include…
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…holes, cracks, or corrosion from the soil or even from frost. Your water main is under pressure and if it were to burst, you would eventually see water seeping its way out to the surface level – the street, your front lawn, or in the basement if your home has one. If you’ve found that your basement is flooding stop using your appliances and don’t drink any water as it may be contaminated.

There are many good reasons to have a home replumbed; especially for homes constructed in the early- to mid-1900s that are using galvanized or cast iron pipes. Common reasons for why people have their homes repiped include issues with low water pressure, frequent drain clogs, rust flakes in the water, dangerous levels of lead, and suddenly higher water usage bills. When repiping, it’s best to use either CPVC, copper, or PEX piping.

There are a number of areas in the home that can be replumbed. These include water supply lines running through the attic and/or walls, supply lines that feed fixtures and appliances, and any outdoor plumbing to spigots.

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